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5 Essential Printing Services for Opening Your Workplace During COVID-19

In Alberta, many COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted and now it’s time to welcome customers, clients and staff back into your storefront. Signage and print products are essential to ensure all who enter your facility feel comfortable and safe. Printing Unlimited offers wide-format, digital and offset printing to assist your business in reopening with ease. This checklist outlines the printing services and products your company will need to guarantee the process of welcoming people back into your facility runs smoothly.

Health and Safety Posters

To ensure all staff and customers are following COVID-19 guidelines, signage can be used as a reminder of policies. Posters are a great way to provide important information in a visually appealing way. To inform guests of new or existing in-store procedures, a large-format poster can be placed in the entrance of the building or windows. Printing Unlimited offers custom dimensions, stock and lamination options for ultimate durability. 

Smaller posters presenting information regarding symptoms, face coverings and sanitization are an essential part of being prepared for opening your business during a pandemic. These types of posters can be placed throughout the facility to remind staff about work health and safety measures. Common places that small-format posters are displayed include staff rooms, washrooms and hallways. 

Floor Decals

With the lift of pandemic restrictions, people have various levels of comfort when it comes to personal space and distance. The best way that your business can ensure all customers and staff feel safe is by providing floor signage that outlines where to stand in accordance with social distancing guidelines (two metres apart). Floor decals are also ideal for directional signage purposes. Arrow and line decals can be used as guides to lead customers and staff throughout the facility. 

Offering various sizes and custom shapes, Printing Unlimited can assist businesses in creating a safe and comfortable workplace. With high-quality decal stock including matte, gloss, high or satin, design possibilities are endless. For simple and direct messages, one-colour processing is available. Or, if your business is looking for something more eye-catching decals that pop, multi-colour processing may be the right fit.

Indoor and Outdoor Banners

Welcome your customers and clients back into your storefront with an outdoor banner. Perfect for drawing attention to your business from afar, promoting your services or displaying a message of excitement using a weather-proof banner. Printing Unlimited uses the highest quality and industry-leading outdoor banner substrate. 

Pull-up banners are a great promotional product that can be used to display welcoming messages inviting customers back in-store or inform guests of new policies. Since events and trade shows are starting to take place in person again, pull-up banners are commonly used as a way to advertise businesses. Ideal for transportation, pull-up banners are lightweight and can easily be assembled/disassembled.  

Business Cards

To promote services and staff at events, business cards are an essential part of advertising that companies across all industries require. Business cards are versatile and can be used in a variety of settings. Some of the most common places they’re displayed include trade shows and conventions, community centres and at the business store-front.  

Business cards are a critical component to small businesses marketing in particular as they establish the brand, display services and provide direct contact information. The production process at Printing Unlimited includes design and layout customization, high-quality substrates, and specialty inks.

Brochures, Flyers and Calendars

When customers visit your storefront, be prepared with promotional print products that show off your amazing work. With print advertisements, your customers and clients will have a tactile reminder of what your business can do for them. Flyers and brochures are information-based print products that can be used to display prices, products, infographics and contacts. Calendars are eye-catching and functional promotional pieces that create brand awareness. These marketing materials are a simple solution to promoting your brand identity and have the community familiar with your business’ services.

Get Printing Services for COVID-19

Ready to prepare your storefront to welcome in person customers again? Contact Printing Unlimited in Fort McMurray to get a quote on everything from banners to decals, and more.