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Networking is Back: Time to Dust Off Your Business Cards

Business card example with three stacks of yellow, white, black, and grey business cards, by Printing Unlimited

Networking events have returned and it’s time to get those business cards out again. You can ensure your staff is prepared to share your company’s contact details or information about services and products by providing them with business cards.

Business cards are a marketing must-have for:

  • Handing out at conventions and events
  • Sharing in community facilities
  • Having available in-store or in-office

This article will outline all you need to know about business cards in 2021 and how to ensure your company stands out amongst the rest.

Business Card Trends in 2021

One of the most innovative trends that took off this year was translucent business cards. The futuristic look provides a high-tech feel and simplicity. Whether the opaque surface covers the whole background of the card or just small areas, translucent business cards can change how the information is presented based on where the user is holding it.

Another trend that is currently booming is to have beautifully-coloured gradient areas against a black or dark background. The gradient area can be used throughout the design to make certain elements pop. The shimmering effect is eye-catching and captivating, providing a continuous feel.

Large and simple text is a leader in design for business cards this year. Using this layout, the text identifying the business, employee or slogan is the only element displayed on the front. The back of the card is where the contact, services or other details are listed. This allows more room for creativity since the front can be used as a blank canvas to showcase the name. Typography is important in this trend, as the text on the front is the design.

Abstract-shape cut-outs are becoming increasingly popular in business card design. Some designs use the cut-outs as a way to attach a lanyard, keychain or string. Other designs use it to make the card easier to grasp. A card sleeve can be used along with cut-outs to create a contrasting look. This design includes a piece of paper of a contrasting colour that displays additional information. The paper is placed inside the card sleeve that has cut-outs displaying the popping colour. The clever design looks and feels lavish.

How to Make Your Card Stand Out

Stacks of white and blue business cards

There are many simple and easy ways to make your business cards stand out. Your business doesn’t have to include complex designs or materials—sometimes, simplicity is key. To make your business card stand out, Forbes suggests making an aspect of the card very different from standard cards. For example, using a heavier weight of paper for your business card will make it stand out from most others that use standard substrate. Using a different shape or size of a business card are other simple solutions to creating a unique card. Rounded corners and square business cards present are distinctive features that can help differentiate your business card.

Substrate Options

The texture of a business card can say a lot about a brand. How a card feels can make people think a brand is high quality or luxurious. Similar to the weight of a card, using a unique substrate can enhance how people feel about the brand. Wood, leather and plastic are a few extravagant materials that have been used to make lavish business cards.

Eco-friendly business cards are usually made from a textured substrate. Many eco-friendly substrates use seed paper that can be planted or composted. Providing the option for the end-user to do an activity like planting a business card will create a user experience. Different from just recycling a business card, planting the card is something that people will remember doing while also remembering the brand that provided the opportunity.

Using digital presses, Printing Unlimited can print a variety of different substrates. Their print experts can assist with adding texture and to giving your business cards a unique feel.

Business Card Must-Haves

The front of a black, red and grey business card for business networking for an industrial scaffold company, printed by Printing Unlimited in Fort McMurray

Although it may be fun to create an extravagant design, business cards serve the purpose of providing important information. To ensure your business card has all the necessary information, be sure to include the business name, logo and slogan. Contact information, social media handles and websites are also key to include. If the business card belongs to a staff member, you’ll want to include their name, title or position, and how they can be reached (email and phone number).

The back of a black business card with white writing and red accents, made by printing unlimited

Another common feature that’s becoming increasingly popular is a call to action with a QR code. The call to action will provide an invitation to search products, browse services, contact the company or visit their website using the code. Since almost everyone has a cellphone, QR codes are a great way to create an interactive user experience.

Business card designs vary between industry, audience and the location of the company. Creating a business card that’s ideal for your particular industry can be difficult. Our design and print experts at Printing Unlimited can help you create an effective card that stands out from the rest. Visit our website or contact us for more information about our products and services.