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Coroplast Signs: How They Influence Election Results

They’re everywhere: on your neighbours’ lawns, beside the road, on your way to work or your morning walk. They’re a tell-tale sign that an election is around the corner, and they’re here to tell you who to vote for in this upcoming Canadian election. You may not even know what they’re technically called, but if you saw one, you’d know exactly what they were: coroplast signs. It’s a staple in every election campaign, but do coroplast signs actually work?

There’s a reason pretty much every political party still uses them in their campaigns, and that’s because they’re effective. If you’re curious about what coroplast signs are, how they influence elections, and where they all go after the election, keep reading.

What Are Coroplast Signs?

If you’ve never heard the words “coroplast signs” before, you’re probably wondering what we’re even talking about. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Coroplastis a high-quality corrugated plastic sheet”. Made from coroplast plastic, coroplast signs are waterproof, durable, and perfect for outdoor spaces. You most often see them used for election campaigns: those colourful signs with the candidate’s name and party in big letters. You can see some of our options for election signs here. But coroplast signs are used for other things, too. For example: 

  • Real-estate signs
  • Parking signs
  • Promoting events.

How Do Coroplast Signs Influence Elections?

There’s no doubt about it: coroplast signs do affect election results. According to a study published in the Electoral Studies Journal in 2016, “lawn signs increase vote share by 1.7 percentage points.” While that percentage may seem small, in a close election, 1.7 percentage points can make the difference for election results. Consider the last Canadian federal election in 2019; voting shares were incredibly close between the Liberal and Conservative parties. The Liberal Party had 33.12% of vote shares, while the Conservative Party had 34.34%. And although the Conservative Party lost despite having a higher percentage of vote shares, it’s important to remember it also depends on where those votes come from, and if they’re targeting the right areas to gain seats. With almost 18 million votes in the last Canadian election, 1.7% of those votes is roughly 72,000 votes. And if targeted in the right areas to gain the party more seats, coroplast signs can influence voters and make a difference in tight races.

Why Are Coroplast Signs Everywhere in Fort McMurray?

It’s election time all over again in Canada, which means political parties are in full swing campaigning for the upcoming election. From coroplast signs to flyers and debates, candidates are working hard to gain votes before September 20th, 2021, when the federal election will take place. And with coroplast signs being such an effective tool for influencing voters, you’re bound to spot them everywhere.

Where Do Coroplast Signs Go After an Election?

You’ve probably wondered where all those coroplast signs go once the campaigns are done. And when hundreds of them are posted all over Fort McMurray, questions such as “where do they go?” are expected. Do they go to the landfill? Who picks up all those signs? Can they be reused or recycled? You might even be surprised with all the possible destinations that coroplast signs have after an election finishes. Coroplast signs are recyclable (so long as you separate them from their wire or wooden stakes). And as for who gathers up the signs after an election, that can vary from one province to another. In Alberta “The campaign office is responsible for installing and removing election signs.” But if you’re hoping to keep the political signs, you can recycle them, keep them for future elections, or find ways to repurpose them! Since coroplast signs are made from such a durable material, they can be used for many different crafts. From building a kayak to basket weaving, coroplast signs have lots of fun ways to be repurposed. You could also paint over them with your designs, and reuse the wires or wooden stakes for your garden or plants. So while it may seem like a lot of coroplast signs are about to go to waste, don’t worry; they’ll either be reused, recycled or even repurposed if you’re in the mood for crafts.

Coroplast signs are an incredible tool for election campaigns, but they have many other uses beyond an election, too. From advertising events around town to marking out nearby garage sales, coroplast signs make great outdoor signage. And if you’re ever looking for a durable sign to put outside your home or business, Printing Unlimited’s coroplast signs are a great choice.