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Custom Calendars: The Perfect Corporate Gift To Add To Your Customers’ Christmas Gift

Creating client gift baskets can be something like an art form. They set the stage for showing your clients appreciation and help to remind your clients of your company. But what should you include?

Read on to find out why you should include a custom calendar in your company Christmas gift bag.

Calendars Are Useful & Universal

Custom calendars are a helpful Christmas gift that anyone can appreciate. You don’t have to worry about potential allergies or preferences, and it’s a gift that your clients can actually use.

While treats are often a go-to staple for gift baskets, some of your clients may have allergies or dietary restrictions. Treats, like chocolate, are still an excellent choice to include in your corporate gift basket. However, we recommend not only checking for allergies but also including non-food items, like a calendar. It’s one less risk factor in your gift, plus, anyone can enjoy a calendar without worrying about a reaction.

Calendars are also a useful office or home gift. It helps to keep track of meetings and important work dates, or even personal events, birthdays or holidays. According to a 2018 study, roughly 98% of adults use a form of organization for their day-to-day lives, whether it was a digital or paper calendar. So including a custom calendar in your Christmas gift basket is a useful and thoughtful item that most people will enjoy.

Customize Your Calendar to Reflect Your Brand

During the holiday season, there are plenty of gift baskets and can look the same after a while. Adding a custom calendar to your Christmas gift can not only stand out, but can also reflect your brand and remind your clients of your company.

Create a custom Christmas calendar with your brand’s logo and imagery to put your company stamp on the gift. We’d also recommend choosing a non-holiday theme to make your custom calendar more year-round-friendly. This not only adds a more personalized touch to the gift basket but will let your clients know who is thinking of them during the holidays.

There are plenty of options to customize a calendar for a corporate gift basket, too. You can include your company logo, brand colours and images. You could even take staff photos to give it a more personal touch and humanize your company in the process. And you can have your calendar printed in different formats as well to suit your clients’ needs.

Some calendar formats include:

Small & Large Desk Calendars

Wall Calendars

Spiral-bound Calendars

and More

For custom calendars, using high-resolution images create the best possible quality. But if you’re looking to scan or reproduce an older photo to include with the calendar, we do offer reproduction and scanning services through our Copy Centre as well.

Try not to go overboard with your branding, however, such as large photos of only your logo, as this can make it seem promotional, and not as thoughtful. You’ll still want to make it a festive gift that they would want to use on a regular basis, and not like an ad for your company. If you’re curious about Printing Unlimited’s offerings, you can find out more about our calendar printing services here, or click through our digital catalogue for some examples.

A Custom Christmas Calendar to Match Your Holiday Cards

If you create a custom Christmas card to send out to your customers, matching a Christmas calendar will add a thoughtful and more composed look to your gift. 

Having the two items match will make your gift stand out. It will also help build a theme for your gift basket if you haven’t created one yet. For creating the matching pair, you’ll want to include the same imagery and colour scheme, as well as your logo, for both items. You could also match the font and any other styling in the design of your card to your calendar. 

Including a matching custom Christmas card and calendar will impress your client base, but it’s is also an easy thing to achieve with the help of your local print shop. Read our blog post all about family Christmas cards here to get inspired, or find out about our card printing services here.

A Perfect Gift to Keep Your Business In Mind

Showing your appreciation for your clients is one of the most important parts of the gifting season. A gift during the holiday season helps to remind them of your company, and to thank them for their continued support. But a branded, custom calendar will go the extra mile to remind your clients of you.

Having a custom calendar with your branding will not only make them think of your business when they receive the gift, but every time they use it, too. And that means every day of the year. Your customers will be reminded regularly of your company and the services that you provide, as well as the thoughtfulness of your holiday gift. If you’re looking for more ideas to stick in your customers’ minds, check out our blog post all about staying connected with your customers here.

Custom Calendars: The Classic Gift That Keeps On Giving

Custom calendars are a holiday classic for a reason. Although the world seems to shift more and more to a digital sphere, physical calendars are still a daily must for many people, and aren’t falling out of favour anytime soon. A custom calendar is a useful and more personalized addition to any client’s Christmas gift basket. Want to bring your custom calendar to life? Contact us today to discuss our services for custom holiday calendars, cards and more.