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New Year, New Look: 5 Easy Ways to Update Your Business for 2022

The new year presents the challenge of innovating your company’s brand while still reflecting the same message. Staying on top of industry design trends provides businesses a competitive edge when it comes to marketing—setting your business apart from others. As the new year arrives, there isn’t a better time to give your company a fresh look that will cater innovation to your audience.

There are various time and cost-effective ways that businesses can modernise their marketing material without rebranding. Designing new material including business cards, brochures and signage is a simple way to lead the industry in advertisement. Printing Unlimited, Fort McMurray’s premier print shop, offers simple solutions for businesses to update their brand.

Update Your Business Card Designs

Business cards are an important aspect of every business—it’s a key indicator of a brand’s tone and reminder of their individuality. A great business card is consistent with the brand’s overall tone and message, and incorporates trendy features to capture attention.

An easy way to create an interactive experience within your business card is by adding a QR code that links to your company’s website. Adding a code that directs users straight to the services or products that your business offers allows people to browse through images and videos on your website in seconds. QR code analytics can be easily tracked, providing a simple way to measure its effectiveness. A few other trending business card features that are on the rise are incorporating cut-outs, using the brand’s complimentary colours and centering minimalistic design.

If you’d like to read more about how to update your business cards, read our blog post all about the topic here.

Design New Signs and Banners

Like a business card, a company’s signage tells the story of the brand. Whether signs and banners are displayed outside the facility or inside the storefront, innovative designs should capture attention. There are many ways a company can convey their key messages while ensuring signage stays up-to-date on trends. 

Creating materials that are accessible to all viewers is not only a must, but a growing concern. Using high contrasting colours and paying close attention to the size of text is an important aspect of accessible design. Replacing organic shapes with geometric shapes is another trend that keeps designs clean and simple. Incorporating geometric shapes is also an easy way to represent a brand’s colours, increasing brand awareness. Colour is a vital part of refreshing marketing material. Although the layout may change, it’s important to accurately represent brand colours throughout signage.

Get Involved within Your Community & Local Events 

Not all aspects of updating your business and brand have to consist of refreshing print materials—instead, find ways to improve your brand’s image. Participating in events and activities within your company’s community is a great way to increase awareness and give back to the locals who support your business. Printing Unlimited is an active member of the Fort McMurray community, and is regularly involved with charities and supporting other local businesses.

Two small boys and two hockey players on the ice stand around a Printing Unlimited banner on the side board of the rink

Digital print example of three posters

Send Out Customized Flyers with an Updated Look

Show off your company’s updated design by reaching clients with customized flyers. The printing services at Printing Unlimited offers business’ unlimited possibilities with variable printing and customisation.  Send your audience the message that your brand is ready for a new year of possibilities with a refreshing flyer that displays new products, offers and more.

Showcase Products and Services in a Brochure 

Marketing materials like brochures provide a tangible way for your audience to browse through services and products. Perfect for distributing at events or displaying in-store, brochures are a cost-effective, versatile and visually appealing way to display insightful information about your business. A simple way to update your business’ brochures is to alter the colour scheme to focus on secondary colours. Using secondary colours is currently trending and it’s the perfect way of updating marketing materials without removing or changing information.

For more information about how to update your business’ marketing material, or to inquire about Printing Unlimited services, visit our website or contact us.

Offset printing brochure example for Bowman's Main Dojang in Fort McMurray