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How A Custom Banner Can Help Promote Your Business

Custom banners are a simple but effective way to promote your business. Banners have been used for centuries for a multitude of purposes for a reason: they work.

Technically a type of ‘flag’, this ancient craft was initially used to alert armies and other people of your allegiance in medieval times. While its main purpose is no longer the same, its modern use in business isn’t too far off from its original objective of catching others’ attention.

A stone, mediaval castle with a flag out of the top and a yellow and blue banner with a lion on it on the front of the castle, sitting on a rocky hill with green grass around its base, and grey clouds above.
The use of banners dates back to medieval times. Photo by K. Mitch Hodge on Unsplash

In modern business practice, custom banners are an essential tool for marketing and promotion. Read on to find out more about custom banners and how they can help promote your business.

Custom Banners Are An Eyecatching Marketing Tool

The main goal of custom business banners is to catch the eye of potential customers. Banners are used to advertise during:

  • Public or private events
  • Conferences
  • In a business’ storefront 
  • Marketing at other locations 
  • And more.

All of these uses are meant to draw the attention of consumers. A custom banner that is designed well can capture the interest of passersby and create interest around your business.

A custom banner is also an effective way to portray your brand’s image to potential customers or those who are unfamiliar with your business with a clear but compelling sign. They act as a physical reminder of your company and are a large part of creating early brand awareness for customer outreach in your local area.

When created with the right design, such as your business’ colours and fonts, they are an effective way to market your business indoors and outdoors. Whether it’s while customers walk by your store on the street, inside a conference room during an event, or when advertising elsewhere in your community, custom banners work well to catch their eyes and accumulate interest in your business.

Two Printing Unlimited employees hold a Spring Food Drive banner.
Custom banners are a specialty at Printing Unlimited and would work well to promote your business or event.

Custom Banners Can Be Used To Reflect Your Brand Image

Creating a custom banner also works well to display your company’s ‘brand image’. According to Forbes, having a strong brand image is not only an important part of your company’s design, but also in creating your company’s strategy and messaging. A strong brand image helps your business grow, and using tools like custom banners can help develop your image. Along with creating customer interest, businesses should use custom banners to help establish their brand image and design.

Because a custom banner can express your brand image and what your company is, choosing its design is extremely important. This includes choosing the right colours, fonts, images and symbols, sizing and even the shape or style of the banner itself. Every little detail reflects back onto your business, so choosing something that aligns with your brand counts.

Getting the right colour hex codes that match your logo’s colours or your brand guide, for example, will help to make your business stand out. Choosing matching colours, your brand’s fonts and the right images all help to create a cohesive brand that tells the story about who your company is. Simply choosing a different font or the wrong colour can make your company seem inconsistent and unprofessional. But, creating a custom banner that has a consistent look to the rest of your brand will create a unified front, and make your business appear more distinct.

If you’re worried about creating the perfect custom banner to promote your business, talk to your local print shop for help in creating a business banner. We at Printing Unlimited specialize in creating custom banners that can both reflect your business and get your message across in the best way possible. Curious about what sort of business printing we can do for you? Browse our printing catalogue to see some examples of what we can create for your company.

Two long banners with Printing Unlimited written on them and coloured blue stand in front of a white background.
Choosing the right colours, fonts, images and other details when creating custom banners can make a huge difference in the effectiveness of a banner.

“Does My Business Need A Banner?”

If you are wondering if your business needs a custom banner, the answer is most likely ‘yes’. While not every business needs a custom banner for marketing purposes, most businesses do. Marketing and advertisement are incredibly important parts of growing your business, and a custom banner is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to help your business grow.

But don’t take our word for it. Even The World Financial Review agrees with us about the effectiveness of using a banner for growing your business. Here are their 5 reasons why you should consider using banners:

  1. They’re a low-cost item
  2. They are easy to set up
  3. Are perfect for reaching out to new customers
  4. They can be used for anything
  5. They are low-maintenance

Custom banners are a cost-effective way to market your business. When compared to the cost of online advertisement, billboards or other classic marketing methods, banners may make the most sense for your budget. They work well for smaller businesses to help them grow, without costing a fortune. They’re also easy to set up, use and maintain. With their durable material to keep them lasting for years and their simple setup, they aren’t as hard to implement into your marketing strategy as some other approaches. And, they’re excellent for catching the eye of new customers.

Add a Custom Banner To Your Business’ Marketing Strategy

Whether you’re a new small business just starting out, or looking to refresh your existing brand image and marketing materials, a custom banner is an excellent tool to help your business grow.

If you are interested in creating a custom banner for your business, contact us today to get started and to bring your vision to life.

Natalie Kemeny, Printing Unlimited General Manager, and journalist Curtis J. Phillips, holding the congratulations banner for Kelsey Mitchell
This custom banner was used to congratulate local Olympian Kelsey Mitchell on her Gold Medal win.