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Angle Cutter

If you’re working with Printing Unlimited in Fort McMurray on a tag project, chances are that the angle cutter will come into play as part of the process. Angle cutters are perfect for tags.

The professional production team in printing and binding at Printing Unlimited understands that the quality of the finished product is only as impressive as the quality of the cut. The angle cutter at Printing Unlimited is maintained to exacting standards to ensure precision for every project.

Angle Cutter machine for tags and books at print shop

About SCM Hydraulic Angle Cutter by Challenge

The angle cutter at Printing Unlimited’s location in Fort McMurray is the Single Cornering Machine (SCM) Hydraulic by Challenge. This capable machine includes 6 sizes of cornering blades and can handle any size sheet. Challenge has been manufacturing paper cutting machines since the early twentieth century. Investing in top-of-the-line machinery such as the SCM Hydraulic angle cutter ensures years of consistent quality for our customers. And it’s a benefit to our team, too; the Challenge cornering machine reduces operator fatigue and provides the power for difficult jobs of all sizes.

As an innovator in the industry, Challenge manufactures a variety of cutting equipment, including paper drills, cornering machines, and paper joggers.

Printing Unlimited prides itself on offering Fort McMurray customers a one-stop solution for printing projects, from offset printing to lamination, angle cutting and more. Contact us to get a quote for your next print shop project.