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CET Roll To Roll/ Hybrid Series

The sky’s the limit for printing applications with the CET Roll to Roll/Hybrid Series flatbed printer. This high-performance printer uses fast-drying, VOC-free inks. With precise registration, it prints up to 600 DPI.

The CET makes it possible to print on any substrate up to 2” thick. This includes Coroplast, foamboard, Styrene, Gator Board, and Dibond. Want to print on a door or banner? The CET can do that, too.

Roll to Roll printers are known for high-speed and crisp image quality due in part to the advanced Kyocera printheads and Magnetic Linear Drive system.

CET Roll To Roll/Hybrid Series Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of VOC-free ink?

VOC stands for ‘volatile organic compounds’. This includes one or more carbon atoms which, combined with high vapour pressure, allows it to evaporate into the atmosphere. Inks that contain VOCs release these carbon atoms which, when they come into contact with sunlight, produces ground-level ozone. This contributes to urban smog and is damaging to the environment. VOC-free inks do not contain harmful compounds. VOC-free ink is the eco-friendly option for your printing project.

What types of projects are produced with Coroplast?

Coroplast, also known as corrugated plastic, is a hollow-structured material that is waterproof, shockproof, and lightweight. It’s ideal for promotional projects where you need durability to withstand harsh weather while upholding its structural integrity. This makes Coroplast ideal for signage, including for real estate, election campaigns, parking, and home security.

– What types of projects are produced with Styrene?

Also referred to as ‘POP signage’, Styrene signs are commonly used for Point of Purchase (POP) displays. With its semi-rigid and dense material, it is well-suited for long-term display. 

What types of projects are produced with Gator Board material?

With a rigid poly surface and extruded polystyrene foam, Gator Board is similar to foam board, except that its surface is much sturdier and weather resistant. It is frequently used for museum displays and as a backing for artwork.

What types of projects are produced with Dibond?

Dibond is an aluminum composite material that has a smooth surface and is known as the flattest panel on the market. It is ideal for window displays, retail fixtures, interior/exterior signage & displays, packaging, and more.