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Challenge Drill Press

Printing Unlimited has a Challenge brand drill press in-house for drilling holes through stacks of paper and other materials. It allows for a variety of custom drill holes ranging from single to 4 holes. 

Paper drilling has several uses, including for filing large volumes of paper, for processing paper as loose leaves, for ring binder holes, and decorative purposes. The drill press manages paper drilling efficiently and expertly, reducing the manual labour of the project.

A drill press can do the work of a standard hole punch in a fraction of the time, drilling through large stacks of paper with clean precision. 

Drill press for a variety of custom holes at Printing Unlimited print shop

About Challenge

At Printing Unlimited state-of-the-art printing and finishing equipment are the SCM Hydraulic angle cutter and a drill press by American-based manufacturer, Challenge. As an innovator amongst its competitors, Challenge manufactures a variety of cutting equipment, including paper drills, cornering machines, and paper joggers. 

Its history in the printing industry dates back to 1870, with the establishment of an electrotype foundry in Chicago to produce cuts for letterpress printing. In 1930, Challenge introduced the first paper drilling machine, which was a massive improvement over paper punches. Over the next eighty years, the company continued to design and manufacture new models in printing technology, with the latest addition introduced in 2008, the Powerlift II. 

Planning a project at Printing Unlimited 

Due to COVID-19 regulations, Printing Unlimited is currently open by appointment. Call to book an appointment to discuss your print project. A friendly and knowledgeable Printing Unlimited team member will review your timeline and project vision with you to get started. This is where everything is covered: materials, design, and finishing options, such as paper holes and tabbing. 

Printing Unlimited in Fort McMurray serves its local customers with start-to-finish print services utilizing a top-of-the-line catalogue of equipment and technology in-house.