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Coil Binding

Printing Unlimited features a coil binding machine in-house to support a variety of print project needs. Spiral coil-bound books utilize a plastic coil to hold pages together. Coil binding adds a professional touch to reports, books, and collections of documents to be sent by mail.

The benefit of coil binding is in having the document lay flat when opened. Unlike Duo-tang binders or stapled documents, the full content of each page is exposed in coil binding, so no information near the spine is hidden or compromised. Coil-bound books are sleek and take up minimal space, unlike bulky three-ring binders – great for travelling and presenting to large groups.

Spiral coil binding machine at Printing Unlimited print shop

Coil Binding Frequently Asked Questions

– What colours are available for coil binding?

We offer spiral coiling is available in a variety of colours. Contact us for more information!

– What sizes are available for coil binding?

The minimum size is 2.5”, and the maximum size is 18”. The coil is offered in a variety of diameters, making this an ideal option for a wide range of page counts.

– What stock types are compatible with coil binding?

Premium stock, matte, gloss, or uncoated finish are all great options for coil binding.

– How does a coil binding machine work?

This process varies from machine to machine, but the basic principles of coil binding involve punching, inserting, and crimping. Punched holes are created along the edge of the document. Then, a coil insert is spooled through the holes. Last, coil crimpers remove the excess coil and secure the ends of the coil so pages won’t go loose.

– How long does it take to get a document coil-binded?

Coil binding is an efficient process with the machinery at Printing Unlimited. The estimated time will depend on the unit number of books to bind.

Start your coil binding project today – contact us for a quote!