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Damark Shrink Wrap

From its 8000-square foot location in Fort McMurray, Printing Unlimited is home to a Damark Shrink wrap machine that provides heat seal quality wrapping to a project size maximum of 14” x 20”. This popular finishing option protects your printed product from moisture, scuffs, dirt, and dust.

Popular applications for shrink wrapping include letterhead, books, reports, manuals, notepads, calendars, catalogues, door hangers, flyers, and postcards. Shrink-wrapped products are convenient to store, handle, and manage the inventory without the threat of exterior damage. 

Damark Shrink Wrap machine at Printing Unlimited print shop

Shrink Wrap Frequently Asked Questions

– What is the purpose of shrink wrap?

Shrink wrap is used to protect the contents within the tightly sealed plastic. Once sealed, the contents are safe from water damage, dust, and dirt.

– Is shrink wrap safe?

Printing Unlimited offers shrink wrapping for printed products. This is a polymer plastic film that shrinks when heat is applied. It is safe for wrapping print products.

– How strong is shrink wrap?

Heat-sealed shrink wrap is remarkably resistant to punctures and offers reliable seal strength so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your printed materials are protected.

– What is the difference between stretch and shrink wrap?

Stretch film is wrapped around a product, stretching to create tightness. With proper application, stretch film can protect the contained products from moving around. Printing Unlimited uses stretch wrap when shipping out multiple boxes on a pallet.

Shrink wrap is sealed around a product and then heated to shrink to the product, creating the water-resistant seal.

– How to remove shrink wrap?

When you’re ready to use your shrink-wrapped product, simply break the sealed edge of the shrink wrap with the sharp end of a pair of scissors or box cutter. In most cases, using your hands to pull open the plastic is sufficient.

– Interested in having an upcoming project shrink wrapped?

Contact us to request shrink wrapping for your print project. Printing Unlimited is your one-stop-shop for printing services in Fort McMurray, Alberta.