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Heidelberg Speedmaster – SM 52

Offset printing projects at Printing Unlimited are aided by the Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 52 (Speedmaster), a world-class 4-colour printing press with inline numbering. Customers enjoy precise, high-quality press prints in CMYK or PMS colouring, with inline litho score, and inline perforation.

The Speedmaster is known for being the most environmentally friendly press within its size and scale category. This is due to its high resource and energy efficiency.

Heidelberg Speedmaster – SM 52 FAQs 

– How many sheets of paper can the Speedmaster print per hour? 

The Speedmaster boasts a production speed of up to 15,000 pages per hour. 

– What types of substrates can be printed with the Speedmaster? 

The Speedmaster features an automated feeder with central suction tape to allow for a wide range of substrates. 

– What types of offset printing projects can the Heidelberg – SM 52 manage? 

Popular offset printing projects for Fort McMurray customers to Printing Unlimited include permits, forms, FLHA/FLRA, weather-resistant tags, and lem books. 

Heidelberg Speedmaster – SM 52 & Sustainability 

Fort McMurray offset printing projects at Printing Unlimited are managed professionally and with care for being as eco-friendly as possible. Heidelberg not only manufactures state-of-the-art printing press equipment; it also focuses its engineering and innovation on environmental protection. This has been integral to their corporate policy since 1992. 

– What does an environmentally friendly printing press look like?

The Speedmaster is a perfect example. Heidelberg’s development of the Star System, a peripheral solution for printing presses, aids in energy efficiency by providing perfect coordination with the press. This accuracy in design conserves resources and reduces the time to produce projects. 

Ready to start your offset printing project? 

Contact Printing Unlimited to discuss your offset printing needs. The Heidelberg Speedmaster – SM 52 is one in the roster of Printing Unlimited’s state-of-the-art equipment to provide Fort McMurray customers with efficient, high-quality print solutions for every project.