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Horizon Collator VAC-100 – Stitcher

The collating machinery at Printing Unlimited features 20 towers for collating safe work permits, NCR booklets, and calendars, with an inline stitching option for a variety of book sizes. If you are working on a calendar or booklet project with Printing Unlimited, the printed paper for that project will run through the Horizon Collator to sort the pages before binding.

The Horizon Collator VAC-100 is equipped with a patented rotary-pulse feed system, ensuring flawless feeding on nearly all paper stock.

Printing Unlimited customers enjoy peace of mind knowing their calendar, NCR booklet, and other book projects are in good hands with the equipment in-house, and technical knowledge of our machinery operators. The Horizon Collator VAC-100 is the most reliable vacuum-feed system on the market.

About Horizon

Horizon International Inc. has its roots in Kyoto, Japan, where for over seventy years it has been leading the way in innovating and manufacturing printing machinery. Horizon specializes in the five major paper finishing operations: “folding, collating, binding, stitching, and cutting”.

Collator Frequently Asked Questions

– What is the purpose of a collating machine?

The primary purpose is to reduce the manual labour of sorting pages after the print process. The collating machine sorts the pages in preparation for binding or storage, without the risk of disorganization or human error.

– How many sets of sheets of paper can the Horizon Collator VAC-100 sort in an hour?

The machine can run up to 9,720 sets of paper per hour.

– What is the benefit of twenty towers for a collator machine?

With the Horizon Collator VAC-100, all twenty towers can run full speed in both directions, maximizing efficiency and flexibility. The more towers, the better!

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