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Lamination is the process of putting a clear film onto printed paper or vinyl. At Printing Unlimited, all projects have the option to be laminated. Lamination is popular for providing water-resistant structure and protection from scuffs and dirt. Laminated paper can be wiped with a cloth, making it ideal for menus and other publicly used materials. If you want your printed materials to last longer and maintain their structure, lamination could be the option for you.

The laminator at Printing Unlimited has options for 3 mil and 5 mil laminate, available in matte, lustre, or gloss finishing ranging from 2.5” to 54” wide.

Laminator Frequently Asked Questions

– What kinds of things can be laminated?

Whether you are looking to preserve a product or protect it from dirt and water, lamination is useful for many products, including invitations and placeholders, certificates, menus, flashcards, policy documents, checklist documents, charts, classroom signs, OSHA signs, emergency instructions, and more.

– What kinds of things can’t be laminated?

Any card or document that may have security features that could be distorted by lamination should not be laminated.

– Can you fold things that have been laminated?

Printing Unlimited offers options for laminate thickness, so if you need to be able to fold the laminated document, you may want to opt for the thinner laminate.

– Are laminated materials waterproof?

Lamination creates a water-resistant barrier that makes it possible to wipe the product with a damp towel. Laminated materials are protected from water damage, but only when temporarily exposed to water. If you are looking for a solution for a product that will be permanently submerged or exposed to water, talk to one of the experts at Printing Unlimited to learn about alternatives for your project.

– Should I choose a matte or gloss finish for my project?

A matte finish reduces glare on the printed product and is ideal for materials that require reading, such as menus and maps. A gloss finish will give the product a shiny, glass-like surface, which makes it ideal for promotional products that are intended to make an impact.