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Platemaker – Heidelberg Suprasetter

The leader in platemaking technology, the Heidelberg Suprasetter is the result of “lessons learned” in installing thousands of CtP (Computer to Plate) systems. The platemaker machine makes printing plates for offset printers.

Offset printing projects at Printing Unlimited involve the development of plates for printing. Thanks to decades of innovative and ever-evolving engineering, platemaking is efficient, making it easy for you to enjoy the exacting quality of offset printing for a variety of projects. 

Most popularly, Printing Unlimited in Fort McMurray produces business cards, near miss cards, FLHA, safe work permits, annual reports, and more, using offset printing machinery, including the Suprasetter platemaker.

The platemaker is operated by professional lithographers who work on-site at Printing Unlimited. It requires skillful attention to detail to produce plates for offset printing. 

More about CtP 

Computer to Plate is the clear choice for Printing Unlimited in platemaking production because of the reduced impact the process has on the environment. With CtP, a digital image on a computer is transferred directly to a printing plate. CtP plates do not require film development – these are chemistry-free plates, so no harmful solvents or film waste is involved. 

More about the Heidelberg Suprasetter

Printing Unlimited is committed to providing Fort McMurray customers with high-quality offset printing products, which is why we invest in state-of-the-art technology and machinery. Heidelberg has led the way in printing innovation for over a hundred years, dating back to the development of the ‘Windmill’ Platen Press at the turn of the twentieth century. 

The Suprasetter boasts several advantages as a Heidelberg product with years of iteration reflected in its design. 

– It’s the environmentally-friendly choice for professional platemaker machinery. According to Heidelberg documentation, all Suprasetter can process chemical-free or processless thermal printing plates.
– The laser quality is outstanding, using lasers exclusively developed by Heidelberg. This allows for fantastic imaging quality for your print project.
– CtP reduces the quality errors that are sometimes associated with film. 

Ready to start your offset printing project at Printing Unlimited in Fort McMurray? Contact us to get a quote!