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Scotty 5000

The Scotty 5000 is a tabbing machine that applies a partial laminate to protect tags and tabs. This renowned machinery provides versatility for a variety of applications. Manufactured by Scott Precision in New York City, the Scotty 5000 has been developed out of the design and development of a company whose focus and specialization is in tab cutting, laminating, and reinforcing machines.

The Scotty 5000 is a flexible and capable machine to handle a wide range of stocks with ease. It involves a platen plastic sealing system that heats only the tab extension, along with an adjustable dwell feature to allow the operator to hold the sheet for a preset amount of time. With its efficient make-ready time, the Scotty 5000 can get the job done faster, so you can have your tag and tab print projects completed on a shorter timeline.

Work with the team at Printing Unlimited to have professional tabbing completed for your next project. Popular projects include folded self-mailers, letter-size booklets, wallet-style booklets, and double postcards. For projects large and small, the Scotty 5000 is efficient and precise.

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Scotty 5000 Tab Machine Frequently Asked Questions 

– Do you have a unit minimum for a number of banked tabs or tags with the Scotty 5000?

We welcome projects of all sizes with no minimums. 

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