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Windmill – Heidelberg Tiegel (Platen)

There’s a reason why the Heidelberg Tiegel (Platen), also known as the Windmill, has been so universally respected and relied upon by print shops for over a hundred years: it comes down to the perfection of the finished product. The original Heidelberg Platen Press is used for die-cutting print orders such as door and mirror danglers, and is most often used to apply the perfect score for all types of cards to get that perfect fold with no cracking on the spine. With the Windmill, perforation is possible on any substrate. 

The Original Heidelberg Platen Press was introduced in 1914 and manufactured between the 1920s – 1980s. The ‘Windmill’ nickname originated from its two flying grippers, which “revolutionized printing by automatically feeding and delivering paper at six times the speed of a ‘hand-fed’ version.”  The ‘platen’ is the flat platform that when pressed against a substrate, leaves an impression. Although the Windmill is no longer being manufactured, it continues to be an essential machine in print shops around the world. The high standard of quality in engineering and design makes the Windmill a resilient and reliable machine today, and for years to come. 

What Is Die-cutting? 

In the broadest sense, die-cutting is the automation of producing customized cut-out shapes. At Printing Unlimited, the Windmill is used to produce perfect cut-out shapes for products such as door and mirror danglers. Using a machine such as the Windmill to automate this process ensures uniform quality for runs of all volumes. 

What are my options for shapes in die-cutting? 

The possibilities are virtually endless. Talk to us about your vision to discover what can be achieved at your local Fort McMurray print shop with our Windmill Platen Press. 

Get a quote for your project from your local Fort McMurray print shop. Contact Printing Unlimited today to get started!