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Window Perforation

With window perforation, it’s all about location. Take advantage of your pedestrian-trafficked storefront by adding large-scale messaging. Promote an event, campaign, or new opening. Window perforation is weather-resistant yet removable by heat transfer. It’s low-commitment and high impact.

The team at Printing Unlimited in Fort McMurray has decades of experience engineering, designing, producing, printing, and installing custom storefront window graphics.

What Is Window Perforation?

Also known as “one-way vision film”, “perf vinyl”, and “see through vinyl”, window perforation is a vinyl product with scores of small holes and an adhesive backing. Printing Unlimited uses ContraVision Perforated window film 60/40 and 70/30 cast perforated vinyl for its window perforation projects. 60/40 and 70/30 refers to the ratio of vinyl to holes.

The holes are small enough to allow for the illusion of continuous graphic to the outside viewer. For those inside the building, the vinyl helps keep intense sunlight out without compromising the view from the covered windows.

Popular applications of window perforation include:

  • Advertising a campaign or new opening
  • Getting the message out about a brand
  • Providing employees and customers with one-way privacy
  • Creating decorative, complimentary features to the building space

It’s a win-win for sharing your message in a high-impact format.

Curious about the window perforation install process?

Here’s a step-by-step guide for window perforation projects in Fort McMurray by Printing Unlimited.

  1. Meet with a window perforation specialist at Printing Unlimited to discuss the look of your project.
  2. A site visit allows the Printing Unlimited team to take measurements for the project.
  3. The Printing Unlimited design team puts together mockups of your project to view and discuss.
  4. Once approved, the design is cut and printed on ContraVision vinyl on the Roland-VersaCAMM VS-540
  5. The vinyl is installed on-site.
  6. Vision achieved!

Project Examples of Window Perforation

Check out recent examples of window perforation projects designed, printed and installed in Fort McMurray by Printing Unlimited.

Here is where we will describe recent projects and include images

Fort McMurray winters are no match for ContraVisionvinyl. The durability of the product ensures lasting, long term messaging. When it’s time to switch it out, the product is easily removed by our certified installer, with no damage or maintenance required to the windows.

Window Perforation Services in Fort McMurray

Make the most of your empty windows with window perforation services from Printing Unlimited. With premier equipment for executing high-quality window perforation projects, Printing Unlimited is Fort McMurray’s go-to for dynamic window advertising.

Contact the team at Printing Unlimited to discuss your project.